Our offer tourist accommodation is also interesting for handicaped groups.We offer accommodation in apartment and hostel in Podcerkev. On the spring Veliki Obrh we offer simple accomodation. In our surrounding area is rich and varied tourist and cultural offer of events and locations, so that it is for fun and relaxation care.


We offer accommodation solely based on the direct and friendly contact with visitors. Tourism seen as a journey to one another, to a different, new, interesting.

Via the online form can be safely reserving your accommodation.

Our Offer

Our offer is intended for all tourists.

Visit us to experience a vacation in a slightly different way. Here man is not only children of their parents, but also the landscape that gives him shelter and climate, which clean the Savoy mixed air currents and with veils and unveils the sun.

About Us

Ars Viva Institute was established in 2009. It was built from a farm Pri Lužarjevih. Grandfather Janez Žnidaršič had two sons, Justin and John, and daughter Ana. The farm was inherited by son Justin, followed by Benjamin Žnidaršič, who is also the founder of the institute.

jama m


  • Cave Križna jama
  • Castle Snežnik
  • Spring Veliki Obrh
  • Lake Cerkniško jezero
  • Slivnica Hill
predstavitev hostel

About Hostel

In the hostel we have double rooms with private bathrooms and shared bathrooms, one 3 bed room, dormitory (12 persons), living room, a booklet, a gallery, a reception and dining area. A total of 29 beds.

snezniski gozdovi

Snowhill Woods

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Rekreation and Team Building
  • Fotoshooting
  • Fishing
dezela ostrnic

Haystacks Country

Somewhere between mountain Snežnik, Cerknica lake and the Bloke plateau is a country that as if it wanted to stay in offset loneliness. The hidden world of nature watching haystacks.

nastanitev apartma


The apartment offers two rooms (two beds), large room with a sofa bed (two beds + two additional) Dormitory (6 persons), living room and two bathrooms. A total of 12 beds and two additional beds.

kolesarjenje invalidov

Disability Ciclyng

New offer of affordable tourism and biking through Notranjska.

Riding in nature

Janez Kandare

With rack waggon around
the walley Loška dolina

Castle Snežnik

glavni vhod arsviva

Main Entrance Zavod Ars Viva


dnevni prostor


Living Room




rakov skocjan

Rakov Škocjan

Small Natural Bridge

ustvarjanje z motorno zago

Creation with a power saw

Spring Veliki Obrh


Bathroom, Shower Bath,
Toilet and laundry


blosko jezero

Lake Bloško jezero

Natural Baths

vaja pred nastopom

Music practise before an appearance

Festival The Floating Castle

osebno dvigalo








Zavod Ars Viva, Podcerkev 24, 1386 Stari trg pri Ložu, Slovenija

E-m: youthostel.arsviva@gmail.com

P: (+386) 5 991-5058
P: (+386) 041 741 750 Benjamin
P: (+386) 040 501 116 Urša

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